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IAS Booster Course -20%

IAS Booster Course

In this course you will get 1. Complete Indian History2. Indian Polity3. Indian Economy4. Take-..

Rs.30,000 Rs.24,000 Ex Tax: Rs.24,000

Important Battles of Indian History(13 Hours)

Why we are the BEST1. Why offline DVD course is better than online course?Ans. Our entire course con..

Rs.1,999 Ex Tax: Rs.1,999

Indian History (Pre+Mains+Answer writing sessions) -15%

Indian History (Pre+Mains+Answer writing sessions)

Course DescriptionThe only bilingual Self-Prep Online course covering the entire syllabus of UPSC/PS..

Rs.17,000 Rs.14,500 Ex Tax: Rs.14,500

Prelims 2019 (History+Polity) New

Prelims 2019 (History+Polity)

Prelims 2019 - Fast Track CourseCovering the entire syllabus of Indian Polity and Indian HistoryHind..

Rs.8,000 Ex Tax: Rs.8,000

Take Off India - Current Affairs

This course is about skill development , the set of necessary and basic skills that one should pos..

Rs.7,500 Ex Tax: Rs.7,500