Frequently asked questions

1. Why offline DVD course is better than online course?

Ans. Our entire course consists of many DVDs , and the format of video quality is 1080P HD appx 4.7 GB in size , In online course you may have broadband connectivity issues but in our offline DVD course you need not any type of broadband connetion all you need to do is insert the dvd and enjoy your reading

2. In what medium is the course provided?

Ans. Our HD quality Video Lectures are Bilingual द्विभाषिक (hindi +English) . However notes are provided in Medium of your choice.

3. Is this course useful for beginners or I should have a little knowledge of the subject?

Ans. Classes take care of all basics and fundamentals which give much pain to the students. Students   don't need to read anything before joining our courses. All you need to do is insert the DVDs and enjoy reading . Classes are like watching a movie just feel and enjoy lectures!

4. Do DVDs have Validity upto a certain time?

Ans. Yes . It varies from course to course 

5. Are DVDs Machine Bounded?

Ans. Yes

6. Can I watch a lecture Several Times?

Ans. Absolutely Yes

Note : The course will be sent to you in multiple dispatch (s)